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Setting up a business in France

Advice when first setting up is essential to ensure the future success of entry into any new unknown market. France remains one of the world’s largest economies after the United States, China, Japan, Germany and the United Kingdom. It possesses a high quality infra-structuring placing it at the heart of Europe yet the country retains its distinctive culture and savoir faire.

We offer :

  • Structuring advice and analysis concerning the most appropriate form of corporate vehicle for activities in France
  • Acquisition due diligence audits
  • Guidance on business valuations
  • Company formations
  • Liaising with local French professionals such as banks and lawyers
  • Registrations for VAT and social security

Accounting services

Knowledge of local statutory accounts and formats are an essential element of business life in France. The French statutory chart of accounts is mandatory for all French commercial entities and local accounting is required to be maintained in French and in accordance with a prescribed formats that are required to be submitted to the French Tax Authorities in the event of a tax audit.

We offer :

  • Bookkeeping in accordance with the French statutory chart of accounts
  • Restatement of US and UK GAAP accounts into French GAAP
  • Monthly or quarterly management reporting in English or French
  • Statutory accounts preparation
  • Cash flow reports, budgeting and financial forecasts
  • Consolidation services

Corporate taxation

Taxes form a major part of the corporate landscape in France and an understanding of their impact can be a determining factor for the success of any business. When combined with the regular tax audits that are carried out by the French Tax Authorities, tax compliance is an essential area for all businesses.

Whether a branch, subsidiary or other form of establishment, Ferrières & Co have been have been providing assistance and advice to international groups for their French operations for a number of years.

We offer :

  • VAT registration and compliance
  • Corporate income tax compliance
  • Tax planning and structuring advice
  • Assistance with the French Tax Authority audits

Payroll administration

Industry collective bargaining agreements, 35 hour working week legislation, minimum wage requirements form part of the French employment landscape. Despite steps over recent years to simplify the legal framework, French employment law remains significantly more complex than many other countries.

We offer :

  • HR consulting and advice
  • Preparation of employment contracts in French and English
  • Payroll registration with French social security authorities
  • Outsourcing monthly payroll management
  • Social security compliance
  • Assistance with social security audits

Due diligence

Purchasing a business inevitably brings inherent risks. Acquiring a business in a foreign country where different company law and accounting norms are present plus unfamiliar language and culture barriers can only increase this risk.

  • Our due diligence work involves gathering information to perform an analysis of the financial, fiscal or employment status and performance of a business thus enabling a better investment decision to be made.
  • Whether purchasing a corporate structure or seeking to separate out underlying business assets, our partners can rely on their due diligence experience to assist with financial, tax and employment matters.

Tax services
for individuals

Ferrières & Co provide tax advice and services to non-resident and French resident investors covering the different personal taxes present in France. We assist individuals with assets located in France as well as English speaking owner-managed businesses requiring assistance with wealth tax, income or capital gains.

We offer :

  • Personal tax consultancy and advice
  • Assistance with French income tax and capital gains compliance
  • Assistance with French wealth tax compliance

audit services

Contractual audits or limited reviews can be tailored to each client’s individual specifications and audit programmes can be drawn up to match your needs.

We offer :

  • A full business review
  • An assessment of internal controls
  • An audit of local overheads or expenses
  • An audit in the event of suspected or actual fraud
  • Assistance with preparing manuals for accounting procedures & policies

Para legal

As part of our goal to provide an integrated solution to clients, our firm provides corporate para legal services. This leads to a cost effective and efficient service for international groups looking to manage local statutory regulation and compliance.

We offer :

  • Company or branch registration
  • Assistance with obligations on changes in local legal representatives or registered office
  • Assistance with obligations relating to share capital increases or decreases
  • Assistance with annual board of director and shareholder meeting reports & minutes